Hello. Ciao. 안녕하세요. Hola. 你好. Jambo. We're Bringing World Class Education To Students Who Need it Most!

Welcome to The International Gifted Academy – A private virtual academy, founded, funded and fueled by a collective of passionate families and education professionals. We believe that every child is unique and created with great purpose. It’s our job to help our students manifest their purpose. 

Our Four Cornerstones of Learning

Inspiration & Knowledge

Every great idea began with a moment in time. Every invention and creation was at one time, merely a glimmer of an idea in some brilliant mind. We want to help spark the light of Inspiration in our students and community at large.

Grace & Compassion

We believe that Love is the greatest power in the world. If we could all choose to work and live in love, the world would be a much better place! We want our students and families to feel our love and spread it across the world.

Faithful Purpose

The mustard seed, is one of the smallest seeds in the plant family. However with the proper soil, rain and sunlight, it can grow to be one of the largest trees! It is with this understanding, that we work to guide our students to live in their Faithful Purpose.

Creative Artistic Expression

Within everyone of us there lies an innate desire to create. Even the birds must sing and the ants must build. This is no less true for us. We want to help make this world a beautiful place by helping our students express themselves in exciting ways!

“Through a meeting of classical teaching techniques, modern technology and student centered instruction, we aim to “Shift the Paradigm for Brilliant Minds!”


School & Organization Educational Partnership

With growing class sizes and shrinking budgets, it becomes even more challenging to ensure every student gets the support they need to succeed. Our Educational Partnership Program brings our specialized offerings to traditional public schools and community organizations.

IGA’s Qualified, Certified and Background Checked Super Teachers are available to provide virtual group classes or one-on-one tutorials to meet students where they are, both physically and academically.

Homeschool Support

Navigating the world of homeschooling can be challenging and scary. With so many different rules and regulations, curriculums and guidelines, it can be hard for a homeschooling parent to decipher it all. We want to help! 

Through our homeschool support program, families can enroll their students in IGA at no cost. Our free enrollment includes record keeping support, curriculum guidance and admission to our community classes.


Our World Schoolers

The world is an adventure and you’ve jumped in head first! We applaud your courage and zest for life. World Schoolers are affording their children an opportunity that many will never experience. As exciting as the travels may be, we know you still need a quality educational experience for your young learner. This is where we come in! With flexible class scheduling, self guided lessons and virtual classrooms — our academy is there perfect fit for your gifted traveling students of the world.

Community Education Initiative

We know that educational opportunities are not created equally. We want to bring world-class educational experiences to children and families across the world. It is our mission to change lives for the better through the transformative power of education. Our Super Teachers are committed to this mission and are donating their time and expertise to provide select courses free of charge to the community.

Community members will have access to our growing curriculum guide and workshops for the entire family. Our primary programs will be Community After School Program and our Early Learning Initiative. 


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