Welcome to The International Gifted Academy – A private virtual academy, founded, funded and fueled by a collective of passionate families and education professionals. We believe that every child is unique and created with great purpose. It’s our job to help our students manifest their purpose. 

IGA is built on “Four Cornerstones” – Faithful Purpose, Compassion & Grace, Inspiration & Knowledge, Artistic Expression. It is our mission to create a safe and nurturing learning environment in support of students, parents and teachers reaching the heights of their aspirations. 

Our curriculum and courses are all in alignment with the US Common Core Standards.  Offering both accelerated and adapted learning paths, we strive to cater to each student’s needs, no matter their ability level to ensure their success. 

“Through a meeting of classical teaching techniques, modern technology and student centered instruction, we aim to “Shift the Paradigm for Brilliant Minds!”

The IGA Mission:

  • To build an International Not-For-Profit Company spreading Education, Love and Shalom across the world. 
  • To provide free and affordable, world-class educational opportunities in underserved communities across the world in support of families who otherwise could not afford it. 
  • To provide scholarships to families in need amounting to at least 50% of our enrollment.  
  • To provide our students with engaging and wholesome content to help encourage their growth and development socially, emotionally, physically and spiritually. 
  • To build a community of like-minded families where parents can feel safe about their children interacting with other students, faculty and staff.
  • To provide the enrichment and specialized learning, along with the socialization, and curriculum guidance that homeschooled families desperately need. 
  • To create an opportunity for free education and educational resources to children in poverty stricken nations as well as financially challenged families here in the United States. 


Who Are We?

Founded, funded and fueled by a collective of families and educational professionals committed to bringing the best in education to children worldwide. We are teachers, counselors, creatives, performers, writers, designers and overall awesome folks, who understand how important it is to educate future generations. Frustrated by the traditional schooling options available to our brilliant children, we understand the necessity for alternative options. Whether our families homeschool or attend traditional school, we can help enrich their overall educational experience. 

We see the problems families are facing and we want to help ease the pains and angst that the challenges of education can bring about. These are the experiences that contributed to the birth of The International Gifted Academy.  It is our goal to help ease the angst and struggles of homeschooling parents while providing a nurturing and collaborative environment for our students to learn, grow and thrive. 


Who Are Our Teachers and Administrators?

IGA Administrators have extensive experience in the areas of teaching, administration, curriculum development, counseling and homeschooling. As a team, our admins directly supervise the development of curriculum, lesson plans, teacher development and student progress. They are committed to leading our teachers providing only the best instruction to our students. Our Administrators work around the clock to make sure this program, our teachers and our students  succeed!

IGA Teachers are qualified, certified and background checked educational professionals, with years of classroom and real world experience. Our teachers are passionate about education and being of service to the community at large. We have teachers living both in the United States and abroad, ready to introduce our students to exciting locales, and enriching Virtual Field Trips. We also have creative and business professionals from all over the world excited for the opportunity to teach our students about different countries, cultures and skill sets that can help them succeed at this thing called life. 

Every instructor who teaches on our platform, whether live classes or recorded has been vetted and passed a background check! So you can rest safe that your child is in good hands. We will treat your children as if they are our very own. 


What benefits do we offer our Students and Parents?

    • Private School Education for Pennies on the Dollar!
    • Opportunities for small group classes 
    • Learner focused and Project Based Lessons
    • High Quality Content, Lessons and Assignments
    • Internationally recognized teachers and Administrators
    • Fun Clubs and opportunities for socialization and enrichment
    • Exciting creative contests and volunteer opportunities
    • Local meet-up groups to encourage community, friendship and philanthropy 
    • Interest-Driven Courses to delight any Gifted Learner
    • Specialty teachers equipped to enrich both gifted and learning challenged students (including children on the Autism Spectrum) 
    • Free Parent Webinars and Enrichment Sessions 
    • Cool school tees, bags and more to show the world your school spirit!

©2019 International Gifted Academy.  A Sweet and Kind Company,


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