IGA is built on a solid foundation, firmly built upon our “Four Cornerstones”:  Faithful Purpose, Compassion & Grace, Inspiration & Knowledge, Artistic Expression. It is our mission to create a safe and nurturing learning environment in support of our students, parents and teachers to help them reach the heights of their aspirations. 

Faithful Purpose

The mustard seed, is one of the smallest seeds in the plant family. However with the proper soil, rain and sunlight, it can grow to be one of the largest trees! It is with this understanding, that we work to guide our students to live in their Faithful Purpose. All beings in the world have a purpose, and we want to help our students find theirs!


Grace & Compassion

We believe that Love is the greatest power in the world. If we could all choose to work and live in love, the world would be a much better place! We want our students and families to feel our love and spread it across the world. So many hearts are hurting, and we want to spread love and learning to the four corners of the Earth.  Through our partnerships with international organizations we are able to send funds, food, clothing and the love of learning across many borders.

Inspiration & Knowledge

Every great idea began with a moment in time. Every invention and creation was at one time, merely a glimmer of an idea in some brilliant mind. We want to help spark the light of Inspiration in our students and community at large.

We also believe that “Knowledge is Power.” Children are sponges and soak up every bit of information they can, from wherever it may come. We want to enrich the lives of our students and families so that the good knowledge can out-shadow the bad, thus creating a brighter better future for us all. 


Creative Artistic Expression

Within everyone of us there lies an innate desire to create. Even the birds must sing and the ants must build. This is no less true for us. We know the therapeutic and transformative power of experiencing and creating works of art. We want to help make the world an even more beautiful place by exposing our students to unique artistic experiences via our online platform, and encouraging their own artistic expressions. Whenever possible we will connect our students with artistic experience “in real life” and seek every opportunity to enrich our students and their families. 

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