With growing class sizes and shrinking budgets, it becomes even more challenging to ensure every student gets the support they need to succeed. Our Educational Partnership Program brings our specialized offerings to traditional public schools and community organizations. 

IGA’s Qualified, Certified and Background Checked Super Teachers are available to provide virtual group classes or one-on-one tutorials to meet students where they are, both physically and academically.

Our diverse class offerings cover students from pre-school through 6th grade in the form of enrichment, accelerated studies and remedial support. As a virtual academy, we can keep our prices low to deliver world-class educational opportunities to the students who need it the most!

Additionally, partner schools and organizations will receive and 10% of all student fees paid, making this an amazing fundraising opportunity.

Partnership Packages & Pricing

Student Fees as little as $5 per week! (based on organizational participation)

School and Organization fees are based on need, subjects desired and number of students enrolled. Please complete the form below to schedule a free Organization Assessment Today! Or email info@intlgiftedacademy.org.


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